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Welcome to OLPC's Team Wiki

Namespace list


This is a wiki that various members of the larger OLPC team will use to collaborate and exchange information. Access to the different namespaces will be restricted to groups of people working with that team.

If you do not yet have access to this wiki and believe that you should, please follow these instructions:

  1. Create a new account using the login page
  2. Send email to your manager at OLPC (or sj at specifying:
    • Your account name
    • Which namespace(s) you need access to, and why

Notice that you will be not be able to access any pages on this site until you are approved. This site has Semantic MediaWiki enabled. (Semantic note : This is a Main page.)

Namespaces and site organization

A page is part of a namespace when its name starts with that namespace followed by a colon. For example, the distribution page in the nigeria namespace is called nigeria:distribution, while the tasklist page in the team namespace is called team:tasklist.

No pages should be in the default namespace (page names with no namespace prefix) except generic pages. To avoid the risk of placing a protected page in the default namespace by mistake, the default namespace is only editable by site admins. So if you get an access denied error when trying to create a new page, make sure you didn't forget to add a namespace prefix to the new page's name.

Following is a quick description of each of the namespaces:

  • Tech: For technical data (datasheets, early designs, etc.) Follow the guideline that information that can safely be public, should be public and stored in the public wiki. That which must be private, keep here, until and when it may be appropriate to publish. Note: This is not a formally-secure place to store private documents -- files uploaded to this wiki will have a unique URL which, while not discoverable, could be shared with people who do not have password access to the wiki -- so you should not store highly sensitive documents here.
  • Team: Used to coordinate the efforts of volunteers, partners and other participants.

Older namespaces

  • Design: This namespace is being used to coordnate the efforts of the various folks working on the design of the user experience.
  • Country: A namespace to coordinate local team efforts and keep the local teams in synch with OLPC by sharing documents, plans and schedules.
    Argentina, Brasil, Libya, Nigeria and Thailand. The various country namespaces will be used to coordinate local team efforts and keep the local teams in synch with OLPC by sharing documents, plans and schedules.

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